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Stephen, Patty and family have moved back to Germany and Hoopoe Cottage is now owned and run by Adam Brooks from Kidderminster in the UK. Adam and his family can be contacted here: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Guided day tours on and around The Strait of Gibraltar are being led by Yeray Seminario and Javi Elorriaga, both of whom live in Tarifa. Their contact information is below. Longer tours of around 8-10 days in duration will be led by Stephen or other guides will be also be displayed in due course.

Andalucian Guides offers top quality, professional birding and wildlife guides on The Strait of Gibraltar.


Yeray Seminario


  • For Guiding on The Strait of Gibraltar    To contact Yeray please email him quoting "AG web enquiry" at: yeray@whitehawkbirding.com

Yeray Seminario is a Spanish ornithologist that works as a Nature guide and photographer in the Strait of Gibraltar. He has guided tours to destinations like Belize, Morocco and India, to name a few places

Yeray has always had a special affinity for birds. His interest in wildlife led him to study Veterinary Medicine, and later to work in wildlife rescue centers and breeding raptors in captivity. He earned a Masters degree in Conservation Biology while he dedicated himself to studying the causes of the disappearance of the Red Kite in the Canary Islands.

After an internship with the International Bird Rescue (IBR) in California at a rescue center for marine birds, he went to Argentina as part of an International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) team to help in an oil spill. He then accepted a job with The Peregrine Fund to work as a field biologist with the Orange-breasted Falcon and the Harpy Eagle in Central America. He would dedicate almost four years of his life to this effort while he discovered the wildlife of the Neotropics.

After some years of extensive travel and birding all over the world, he moved back to Tarifa, a charming town in southern Spain and the epicenter for the migration of birds between Europe and Africa. 

Javi Elorriaga


For Guiding on The Strait of Gibraltar    To contact Javi please email him, quoting "AG web enquiry" at: javielor@hotmail.com

Javi Elorriaga was born in the Txorierri Valley, which means “land of birds” in Basque, in 1978. It was in this region in northern Spain where he started to develop a deep interest in birds at an early age. While an environmental management student, Javi avidly participated in a number of bird surveys and research projects.

Over the last decade, he has worked on the conservation of the Cinereous Vulture in Dadia National Park (WWF-Greece), the Lammegier in the Pyrenees and Picos de Europa National Park (FCQ), the monitoring of bird migration in the Strait of Gibraltar (Migres Foundation) and the Osprey reintroduction in Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve (Urdaibai Bird Center). Additionally, in 2011 Javi was granted a Leadership Internship in Conservation by the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary (Pennsylvania, USA).

Javi’s career as field ornithologist is enhanced by contributions in over 30 scientific papers, book chapters and articles in birding journals, and the Spanish Committee of Rare Birds (SEO/Birdlife). Wildlife photography is another of his great passions and a powerful tool he uses to raise awareness of conservation issues through social networking and lectures.

Javi’s link to the Strait of Gibraltar began in the late 90s, when he regularly participated as a volunteer in the raptor migration counts. As a field ornithologist at the Strait of Gibraltar, Javi has continually engaged in the monitoring of bird migration, the Osprey reintroduction in Andalucía and the study of the Long-legged Buzzard in Morocco. In 2012 Javi began working intensely as a nature, bird and photography guide for different companies.





Being Involved & Being Aware

  • Eco & Sustainable Tourism

    Andalucian Guides are accredited members of Responsible Travel.com Eco tourism is something we strive to maintain at the highest possible levels. It means quite simply, responsible travel to natural areas while conserving the environment and sustaining the well-being of local people. Andalucian Guides strives in every way to promote the area known as The Strait of Gibraltar. This is a unique and especially important area for avian migration between the two continents of Europe and Africa as well as the rich diversity it holds for other wildlife. Sustainable and considerate Eco-tourism is the best way to safeguard points of special natural geographic locations and through education with constant promotion of this visible richness, we hope to safeguard and protect the area and all that it contains, both on the ground and of course in the air!

  • Conservation

    Andalucian Guides are actively involved with local conservationist groups including the Asociacion de Amigos de la Laguna de La Janda.

  • Fundación Migres

    Stephen Daly, Javier Elorriaga and Yeray Seminario are accredited birding and nature guide in Spain with the *Fundación Migres. Working together primarily with avian migration and the expansion of certain bird species into Europe through The Strait of Gibraltar. Sharing information and collaboration with up-to-date observations on bird movement, assisting with various projects is essential in understanding bird trends and behaviour. Stephen is an accomplished photographer and to this end has shared many photographs of birds, other wildlife and scenery to assist in the promotion of projects, studies and eco-tourism in general. *Fundación Migres is a private non-profit organization, founded in 2003, promoted by the Junta de Andalucía, and whose basic goals are to establish a forum for dialogue among experts, institutions and groups for the study, preservation and dissemination of nature and especially bird migration and enhance socio-economic activities relevant to the development environment sustainable utilization of natural resources in the area, especially those related to the migration of birds and other species groups. Stephen Daly was also a member of a study team from the University of Cadiz researching Lateral (horizontal) seabird migration to and from the Atlantic and Mediterranean. (Estudio de la Importancia cualitativa y cuantitativa del fenómeno migratorio de las aves marinas en el Estrecho de Gibraltar).

  • A Voice for the Environment

    Stephen Yeray and Javi and many of their naturalist friends are active members of Los Amigos de la laguna de La Janda. The area known as La Janda is a huge agricultural area in southern Cadiz province, that was once one of the biggest lakes and wetlands in Europe and has been drained since the middle of the last century. This environmental protection hope to recover a substantial piece of this land and return it to its natural state, which would inevitably lead to even more wildlife returning to this rich area. After all, the geographical location is perfect for migratory birds stopping off to feed on the Strait of Gibraltar. It's worth considering not so long ago, Northern Bald Ibis and Marsh Owl nested and bred in the La Janda area. The populations of Red-knobbed Coot, Glossy Ibis, Common Crane, Great Bustard, Purple Swamphen, Water Rail, Small Button Quail, Ballion's, Little and Spotted Crake were very healthy. Other animals such as Roe Deer, Otters and Iberian Lynx made it their home. Wild Boar, Wild Goats, moved across the islands and marsh reed beds in timeless fashion. Today it is still a rich natural wildlife area with quality birding, but it could be fantastic if it was given some form of protective status by the government.

  • Involvement in the Community

    Andalucian Guides are accredited members of Responsible Travel.com and Greentraveller.co.uk Eco tourism is something we strive to maintain at the highest possible levels in all aspects of service industries relating to our tours. It means quite simply, responsible travel to natural areas while conserving the environment and sustaining the well-being of local people and using where possible locally owned services including hotels and restaurants.

  • Leave no Trace

    All Andalucian Guides Tours are especially aimed at responsible clients who wish to participate in environmentally friendly, low-impact nature tourism. We use local services on day tours which is beneficial for clients travel appreciation and the local communities who learn about environmental issues and stimulate interest through contact. We strive to encourage rural communities to protect natural assets where in some cases the extensive hunting and slaughter of birds is totally unnecessary. Andalucian Guides use local hotels not ones owned by companies abroad. Tourism can play a vital role in conservation and it is up to all of us to be seen acting in a responsible manner. Andalucian Guides are also committed to conservation, animal and avian welfare and environmental Protection.

  • Re-cycling

    We strive to re-cycle as much as we can from all our household and office waste. Glass, paper, cardboard and plastic are separated, and taken to our local town containers. Inkjet cartridges from printers, batteries are also saved for safe disposal. We are also aware of saving electricity and water and when we need to purchase new electrical appliances we consider the ecological implications. Wherever possible we buy bio-diesel fuel for our vehicles.

  • Green World Campaign

    Our planet is losing it's trees. Plant trees. Lots of trees! Trees heal barren soil and increase food crops, helping people become self-sufficient. They remove CO2 from the air, and restore the environment for generations to come. Help people plant their future--and ours. We plant trees to restore the ecology and economy of some of the world's poorest places. We help communities develop sustainable livelihoods, return barren soil to fertility, nurture biodiversity, and preserve cultural values. Will you help?

  • GONHS -The Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society (GONHS)

    Stephen is also an approved birding and nature guide for The Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society (GONHS). Founded in 1976, is a non-governmental, membership-based organisation committed to research into and conservation of nature in Gibraltar and the region of the Strait of Gibraltar.

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